No two weddings are ever the same. The nature and inclinations of the couples, families, guests and traditions all play significant roles in determining how a wedding will proceed. My personal view is that a wedding is a celebration of the union of two people in love. The personal expression of this calibration unfolds in an infinite variety of ways. With this in mind, I have structured my pricing to accommodate the individual needs of each couple. Everything is carefully considered and taken into account. Your preferences for color or black & white and the type of shots most important to you.

A few weeks prior to your wedding we meet a second time to review and solidify details, update any changes, and make sure the timing and locations are well defined. My hope is to deliver a service upon which you can rely and is a stress free experience for you.

How I work.
I shoot with high resolution - pro digital SLR’s which deliver outstanding images. There are many advantages to working in digital. With the ability to adjust camera settings quickly, I am able to move as necessary from one setting to another. I am able to continually check my work as I go making sure every aspect of each photo is correct. I shoot in RAW format, not JPEG. This allows all the variables that go into making a photograph to be customized and perfected and also produces superior quality. I always carry back up equipment to ensure a backup system is always ready.

Photojournalistic imagery
My photographic style is photojournalistic. I am primarily concerned with story telling and conveying the events and emotions as they unfold.

A photojournalistic approach creates dynamic photography that many believe transcends typically posed shots offering a timeless collection of images which will be as alive in years to come as on the day they were captured.

I always use an experienced assistant when shooting weddings. This enables me to devote all of my attention to you and what is happening around you.

Custom Engagement Sessions
Engagement sessions are a great way to become familiar with being in front of the camera. Typically done in an environment that is familiar and comfortable to you. I generally recommend you select a location that is with special meaning or sentimentality to the two of you.

Prints are custom produced on acid free cotton fiber paper using pigment based inks and are 100% archival. The final image is made available for submission to the newspapers you plan to announce in. Additional print choices and ordering options will be available.

Black & White Film Option
Although I shoot with pro-digital equipment that includes B&W imagery, you may also option to include classic B&W film images.

Gift Certificates
Add StomsVik Photography to your gift registry. Gift Certificates are available through this site and are a wonderful way of off-setting the cost of your wedding day. Guests love them too as an alternative to the usual wedding gift.

Thank you, and as always, you are more than welcome set an appointment, or simply ask questions.