I strive to achieve an image that captures the most effective reflection of your inner character while conveying a visual impact that is arresting. I shoot with High Resolution Pro-Digital equipment, which allows us to check our progress as we go. I employ an exploratory method, working together with you to best represent your image.
With a state-of-the-art, fully-equipped, full-service digital darkroom and graphics studio, I am able to provide all of your post production needs. Services include: image file optimizing for reproduction, professional retouching and archival master printing.

How I shoot and about RAW files
I shoot entirely digital to achieve the best quality possible. Digital cameras are capable of capturing images as JPEG files. This is fine for snapshot situations where very little (if any) editing is needed. However, the real power and capability of digital is when the image is captured with a pro-digital camera, saved as a RAW file and edited in post production. In truth, JPEG is not even a file format; it is a compression scheme that is effectively used as a file format. RAW files are unprocessed by the camera and contain all the data an image sensor is capable of capturing.
I always choose to use RAW images, despite the extra work involved, because it produces clearly superior results . For those interested, in finding out more about RAW capture and why it's so powerful, there is a very good, easy to understand and in-depth explanation of the difference between RAW and JPEG files and workflow here.

The "Digital" advantage
There are several advantages to using digital over film. Digital image quality is on par with and often even better than film. Negatives don't become lost, damaged or scratched. We can check our progress as we shoot and are assured we are getting the right images as we move through a session. Online galleries and individual images may be emailed to friends, family members and agents, and images can be both color and B&W. All imaging parameters can be adjusted in post production.

Expected time of delivery
Because of the extra processing required in post production please allow 3 – 7 days for delivery.

How to prepare for a session
Drink a lot of water before a photo shoot. This helps hydrate the skin and enhances the transparency and clarity of the eyes. If you work out, I recommend suspending your workout the day of the shoot so as not to appear flushed or fatigued. For men, haircuts should be done one to two weeks before a session so it has a bit of time to grow in and look more natural. Men may also want to allow some stubble to grow. Bring a razor and you can shave midway through the session.

What to Ware / What to Bring
For headshots I encourage you to bring at least two complete outfits per look. Textures such as sweaters and knits are welcome. Solids are best. I recommend changing a few times (casual,formal, etc.). Consider that clothing tags and undergarments can sometimes show through or create distracting lines or shapes. If your intent is to have a color photo, color coordination should be carefully considered; otherwise, for B&W, color combinations should be light, medium and dark. Why is white discouraged for paler people? Because ideally your face should be the brightest part of the photo and the center of attention.In fact, though, it's really not that simple. It largely depends upon the lighting and background and how they all blend together. Avoid busy patterns, ruffles, or fringe that could distract the viewer from concentrating on you.

For Modeling Portfolios and Commercial Print
Your clothing choices should be varied and creative but always consider your market or audience.

Make up requirements
Makeup and hair products should not be applied prior to arriving at the studio. Your makeup and hair artist will come well prepared to handle all skin and hair types. You are welcome to bring your own makeup kit if there are specific products you prefer.

I want you to feel at home and encourage you to bring your favorite CD’s to play during your session.

Studio vs. Natural Light
Both lighting sources have their own advantages and distinctions. Natural light sessions tend to be more dynamic, casual, and offer a variety of backgrounds and settings to explore. Studio sessions tend to be slightly more formal, controlled, and create a traditional appearance. In neither case is there a hard and fast formula. I can emulate natural light while indoors, and I personally like to mix the two approaches as much as possible.

Length of session
The times listed for each session are approximations. I never want anyone to feel rushed. It may be that a session will take longer or finish earlier than scheduled, but this does not affect the price or the quality of the photos in any way.

A word about Hair and Makeup
I am not one to insist you do one thing vs. another. However, with that said, I very strongly recommend taking advantage of the highly skilled makeup artists I work with. I want you to be portrayed in the best possible way and I would be lying if I said the results I have seen from those who do their own makeup are on par with those who elect to use a makeup artist. Why? It has been my experience that most people are simply not aware subtle differences and requirements necessary for a photo shoot as apposed to other application such as stage or everyday use. Further, there is a great benefit in having a hair and makeup professional objectively work with you, and based upon their in-depth experience, help determine what is going to work best for you.

The word retouching is commonly associated with making a person look younger and/or flawless, though in reality, this is not necessarily the case. What retouching really is, in fact, is preparing the whole image file for final output which includes the specific variables such as skin tones and texture, selective sharpening, burning, dogging, color adjustments, tonal adjustments, etc. What I do, at least as a starting point, is work on the image as a whole to create a three dimensional quality which helps the person almost “jump off the page”, enhance the quality of the eyes in a natural and nearly imperceptible way so that they sparkle and are the first thing to grab a viewers attention. Flaws and blemishes - and we all have them - are also visited and worked upon according your individual needs and taste. This is an involved, labor intensive process which employs the high end methods commonly used by the most demanding publications. The end result is a high resolution 16 bit image fully prepared to publication quality and should not be considered the same as the quick “Fixes” some labs do.

How to book a session
Booking may be done over the phone or in person. I accept all major credit cards, debit cards, checks, and cash.
Deposits by check must be received at least one week prior to a session and images will be released once final payment has cleared.

A deposit of $200 must be made at the time of booking.

You may reschedule your session one time at no charge if it is done prior to 7 business days before your session. A fee of $100 is applied if rescheduling is done between 7 and 3 business days before your scheduled session. Within 3 business days there is a $150 fee. There is no rescheduling allowed within 24hrs of your scheduled session.

You may cancel and request a full refund of your deposit 7 business days prior to your scheduled session. Between seven and four business days you may request a 50% refund and there are no refunds within three days prior to your session.

There are no refunds 24 hrs prior to your scheduled session and/or after your session.

Re-shoots may be scheduled within one week following delivery of images. A rate of 50% of you original session will apply.

Bringing a friend along
I generally discourage people from bringing friends along as their presence could become a distraction and may also inhibit your presence in front of the camera.