Promotional Photos
Promotional Photos are for young children entering or already working in the entertainment industry. They include headshots and/or modeling shots. Many of the same things found in the Headshot and Modeling Info/FAQ apply with a few differences. Patience is key. When working with children, I often allow a little more time for the child to become comfortable and relaxed. This produces great photos. Children have personalities just the same as adults do and aren't afraid to use them either! Allowing the child to be them self is what will bring notice to them.

Family Documentary Photos
This form documents the daily activities of your child in a fun and artistic way. We go to the park, to a playground, or any ware else the child is familiar with. I'll photograph your children being themselves. Photographs will be available online for you to share with your family and a beautiful three panel B&W work of art will be yours to display in your home.